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Radesion RP

An RP Set in a Mystical City in Turmoil

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radesion_mods wrote in radesion_rp
1. Be a decent person. Don't be an ass to others. Don't wank about others, etc.
2. No god-modding. This means controlling another character's actions.
3. No Gary Stus/Mary Sues. Your character is not perfect, that's what makes them interesting.
4. You can play with up to six characters, if you can keep up with them. They all have to be from different fandoms/original though. Check the FAQ for what kinds of characters you can play.
5. Post at least once every two weeks. Activity checks are once a month at the beginning of the month.
6. No copy-paste from outside sources or plagiarism.
7. Fill out all parts of the application.