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Radesion RP

An RP Set in a Mystical City in Turmoil

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radesion_mods wrote in radesion_rp
Basic Info
What does Radesion mean?
-It's a made-up word, in English. In Celestial tongue, it means "Celestial" (Radesi) "Place" (On);

How does my character end up here?
-You walk through a door, or wake up, or any myriad of ways. You will first end up in the Neutral Sector. There you will be greeted and given some basic information, as well as your Portable Communicator.

Tell me about the sides and how it affects my exploration of the city.
-As you will first be Neutral, you may explore all of the city. If you choose a side, you will be confined to your sector and the Neutral Sector. If a Dark Court-siding character goes into the Celestial Sector or vice versa, your character will be expected to fight any of the opposing side he or she comes across if you are not in the Neutral Sector (no fighting in the Neutral Sector). This is not an absolute, but the Dark Court wants you to take over the Celestial Sector and the Celestial Council wants you to fight back.

Can I join the Celestial Council or Dark Court after I join one of their sides?
-Yes! Check the Rankings Post. If the Celestial Council or the Dark Court sees you doing well, they may promote you. This will give you additional abilities, as well as responsibilities.

Can I be a Double Agent?
-Sure! But you should check with a mod first, just in case.

Can I use my powers here?
-Yes, to an extent. After all this is an RP with lots of fighting! Don't blow up the city! Use your powers wisely. And no instant-kill powers like Death Notes either.

What kind of events can I expect?
-You can expect reality warps from the Dark Council, big battles, and all sorts of other fun stuff. In addition, player-based events can be held with permission from a mod.

How will we communicate?
-Through your Personal Communicator (journal) and through logs.

Are there monsters?
-They make their home in the Dark Sector. See the Bestiary for more information.


Can I change sides/convert someone?
-You can, but the other side will be after your blood. Fight extra hard. Also, only two side changes allowed. You can convert as many people as you want, though.

Can I play original characters?
-Yes, but you must play a fandom character first, so we can get a good gauge of how you play.

What sort of characters can I play?
-Fandom characters and original characters. No self-inserts, deities, or real people, please.

What about Alternate Universe characters (AU)?
-The Dark Council does sneaky things, so sure. It may cause the other version of a character to freak out though. Only characters that have already been taken may have an alternate version of themselves applied for. Also, you can't play multiple versions of a character.

What about fan characters?
-No. Too likely to be a Mary Sue/Gary Stu.

Can I pair my character off with someone?
-Only if both players consent to it.

Can I get my character pregnant?
-Oh, please don't. You don't want a baby growing up in the middle of a battlefield.

Can my character die?
-Yes, but you will have to wait a week before you can play your character again. Deaths should be rare.

If you have more questions feel free to ask below!